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You want great journalists to write content for 15 cents a word? Just ask Tracey Spicer for her opinion.

If you want great content you have to employ great writers. For travel you need great travel writers, for food and wine you need great food and wine writers, and for great finance writing you need great finance writers. Simple, yes? But it’s not that easy. A great writer is a great writer and he or she can turn their hand to anything. For example, this week I wrote two …

New media content firm focuses on travel, tourism, lifestyle

A newly established specialist media content company has set its sights on the fields of travel and tourism, food and wine, and lifestyle.

Sydney-based First Class Content ( is offering help to travel professionals with all aspects of copywriting and content creation, from media releases and website work to social media, reports, videography, photography, editing, blogs, supplements, feature articles and campaigns.

First Class Content deals with print or online jobs that …

Queensland covered

First Class Content has got Queensland covered with some of the best travel and tourism journalists and food and wine experts onboard. These include former Sun Herald Deputy Travel Editor Debbie Neilson-Hunter; food and wine and social media guru Christine Salins; outdoor, Barrier Reef and boating expert Fiona Harper; and professional photographer and travel writer Danielle Lancaster; and more. Call First Class Content to discuss your Queensland needs.

Cruising specialists

First Class Content has four of the best cruise journalists in Australia on its books. We are talking ocean, river, adventure and family cruise specialists who write cruising stories for major publications both in Australia and overseas. We can bring them altogether to produce amazing cruising content.

Struggling under the weight of your images?

One of First Class Content‘s photography associates is famed photographer Paul Dymond. A lot of his recent work has involved working with large organisations to help them sort out and catalogue their huge image libraries.

Contact us for details of this or for any other photographic needs.

Welcome aboard Daniel Scott

Award-winning travel and tourism writer Daniel Scott joins First Class Content. Daniel writes on travel and tourism for some of the world’s biggest outlets. He also works closely with tourism organisations across Australia to create engaging content.

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